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school break HERE I COME!

I am so exited for my school break! It looks like there are so many interesting things to do this break, and i think i can't wait any longer to do it all!
The list to do for my school break are:
first, PLAY with all my friends, go karaoke and do fun stuff together.
second, lesson in esmode, really anxious about that [maria asked me to joined the lesson together, and of course, how could i say 'no'?]
third, reunion with Talitha, my sister and reunion with my playstation 2!
forth, find a music school that offers special holiday lesson for cello, i'm so want to try it!
fifth, read all my un-read novel, paint some more paintings, finished my second children story, and the most important thing is I HAVE TO ALREADY CAN SWIMMING AFTER THIS SCHOOL BREAK! HUAHAUAUAH!

Well,i guess that's all. Hope i can do it all^^

But, of course, still have to study, still 2 days more of my final test to be over. T.T

Oh, and i still have to practice my violin for next month STSO's show.


Actually, im quite like not to be the number one.
Because, im a corward
yeahh, say whatever you like, but that's the true.
Still, that doesn't mean i like to have a bad score in school, i still love good score!
It just that... im too scared to fall
you know, when you're happy, when you're in your climax, in the time like that, you'll become more scared, to fall...
the higher place you get, the more worry you feel, and it's more painful when you fall too...
and im scared
too scared
to fall from my own greatness!
Beside, i need someone in front of me, to be my motivation, so i can try harder and harder to be the best.
but, in that time too, i become scared and fall...


screw it!

Argh, i really hate my sister sometimes.
She's too annoying to be truth! How can she wants to know about everything?
She READ my journal here and that was so EMBARASSING!
Well, then, let me straight it up, i don't want anybody from my family to read my journal here.
It just me who allowed to read it AND my friends AND other people outside that doesn't know who i really am!
ARGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SCREW IT ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Hey, i love my giraffe, it's sooooo cute [even with its horse body]
Oh, no!!!
Curse of the Golden Flower is really amazing!!! Gong Li is a really good actress, Jay Chou too!
I will watch it again!


I feel really excite! Like something makes me fire up!
I play as a man in my drama at school. First, I confused how to do it, but now, I don't know why, I feel really excite to play as a man! How strange...
Ah, I miss my brother... Just two of us, me and my little brother, no fun at all!
Oh, look at the time, it's already nine p.m. and I am not doing anything yet!

Wen-wen's going crazy

Today, right now, my stupid brother is saying 'nyahahaha' like that beside me...
Actually, I really close to my little brother.Maybe it's because he is just two years younger than me, not like my older sister or my older brother that four years older than me and seven years older than me... -o-

I saw my idol several days ago. He totally CHANGED!
His hair longer than before, I don't know what to say, He seems different!

My favorite Quote : "Stupid peoples just thing about today, smart peoples thing about tomorrow" ^^ Anyone understand?

happy hour!

Oh, today, not all of my teacher came to teach me in school. And my Math teacher was just reading a novel while me and my class were doing the exercise. So, because, he read that novel without stop, the students, me, just played that time! I played Hangman with my friend beside me. And then, the bell rang! So, he taught us nothing!

And then, I moved to sit beside Yuki-chan. We played together, had fun together etc. So much fun! Happy!

And tomorrow the Math test! What a horrible...

Ah, yesterday, I tested my web cam and it works! Good for me! My sister can see my face and I can see hers too! yay!

Oh, yesterday, I cooked lunch with my mother. Happy! Because now I can cook chicken, shrimp, and soup! Hohoho, I'm so proud of it!

Puteri Indonesia 2006

"puteri Indonesia" is same with what we called Miss Indonesia.
It's called "puteri Indonesia" in here just because, there is miss indonesia too... But, "puteri indonesia" usually the one who participates in miss universe...

Yesterday, I watched that on TV.
And, this year, the one who became "puteri indonesia" is from Center of Java.
And, I picked her, so, I'm happy when she was chosen as "puteri Indonesia" 2006...

That's all... Hahaha...

By the way, "puteri" is indonesian word of princess!


Yay! I found a web that can tell us the character profile of fruit basket!